Rhome Kiley

7am hospital check-in and we were overwhelmed with excitement to meet you. Miléna was being cared for by my mom and they showed up with my sister a little later. We went on to labor all day. The nurses kept commenting about how oddly comfortable I seemed for being in labor. It was true, my labor was pleasant. I knew I wanted an epidural but wanted to wait until I was in deeper pain before I got it. At this point, I was able to meditate and breathe through any discomfort I was having. Eventually around 6:30pm, I was at 7.5cm and ready for an epidural. We waited about 10 minutes for the medicine to kick in but the epidural failed and all of the medicine went to my left hip. By that time, I was 10cm dilated and ready to push just moments later. So there I was, in labor, no pain meds, ready to push. My mindset was solid and though things weren't exactly how I'd planned, I was ready to meet my son. I'm grateful for the full day of meditation I had because it allowed me to be in a strong mindset when I was faced with pushing the baby out sans medication. I admit, I was absolutely terrified to be in labor without pain medication, but a wave of peace and determination came over me. My love, Kiley was on my right, encouraging me and speaking life into me. My sister was on my left and my mom and daughter were in the corner of the room also. With all of this love surrounding my son and I, I knew I could do this. I put my mind in a place to overcome the physical discomfort and 20 minutes later after a peaceful delivery, our son Rhome Kiley Grant was in my arms. The relief I felt when I saw you, heard your cry and held you for the first time were nothing short of miraculous. Born May 11, 2017. 8lbs, 8oz & 21.25" of pure love. I looked to my right to see Kiley smiling and my mom and little girl beaming also. I adore that Miléna was in the room throughout the whole experience. My mom was there to answer all of her questions and ensure she was comfortable throughout the whole day. Mila was so brave and so calm. She had been anticipating this moment as much as the rest of us. And now, Rhome is here and he is amazing and healthy and wonderful - just as I knew things would be. He's here and he's ours and we are beaming. So full of love.

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